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Newsletter No. 3

To all our family, friends and loyal clients

Season’s greetings to all and we hope this newsletter finds you well and happy.  So much has happened here at the River House Launceston since our arrival 8 months ago.  We have worked furiously in the garden and can now see some much appreciated results.

We have met so many great people over the time we have been here.  Our fruit trees are full of maturing pears, apples and cherries.  The old dead gum has been cut down and Rob has been splitting the wood for weeks. We will have a few years’ wood supply from the one tree that had no life left in him.  Fabulous hard wood, great for the cosy fire place.

I have found a Pademelon proof area and we have planted herbs and tomatoes, soon a kitchen garden.  Out the back, with the old tea tree gone, we now have room for chickens and some miniature goats to eat the blackberries.

In the midst of winter from mid-August we had a series of blooms until mid-October. Every day was something new and beautiful.  In the last couple of months, we have battled El Nino, as we all are, and watering is a must.  With light until 9 pm we can enjoy the cool of the evening for this task.

The house is all decorated for Christmas and the pool is gorgeous.  I am swimming almost every day! Lots of excitement coming up as the busy season is Christmas until the end of January. We will need to have our running shoes on during those weeks.

Launceston has been buzzing with Christmas decorations, festivals and markets.  Always something to do and see here. We hope to have solar power put in by early 2016 and a new deck in the backyard for the serene visions of the Tamar, morning, noon or evening.

Even though we are used to our family of paddy melons, possums and other wildlife adventures, a couple of days ago we met our resident echidna.  He was huge, healthy and very fast.  The birds have been keeping themselves cool in the giant bird bath, the King is the Blue Wren, gorgeous.

I have lots of baking to take care of over the next week.  Christmas cookies, gingerbread, and lots of preparation for our Christmas eve and Christmas breakfast.  Some new ideas are potato scones, with smoked salmon, avocado and feta.  The big hit this year was apple cider sausages filled field mushrooms, with free range scrambled eggs and crispy potato bits.  We also have a new Belgian waffle iron; the waffles are delicious.  Buttermilk and vanilla, or maybe banana and walnut or even apple cinnamon and pecan.  Plenty of cardamom poached pears were enjoyed, more to come.

Well folks, stay safe and happy, well and joyous this season.  All the very best to you and your family.

Best wishes to all for 2016, Rob & Trish Whannell - The River House Launceston